Chances are you’ll be used to asking Alexa to play music, inform you the climate, or any variety of easy requests. That is the close to future Rohit Prasad, vice president and head scientist for Alexa, unveiled Wednesday at Amazon’s MARS synthetic intelligence convention in Las Vegas. It plans to launch the function within the coming months. Amazon (AMZN) is working with plenty of firms on the expertise, together with Atom Tickets, trip-hailing firm Uber, and restaurant reservation service OpenTable.

The marketplace for voice-managed assistants is booming, and Amazon — together with rivals akin to Google and Apple — desires individuals to work together with it is in more and more pure-sounding methods. This contains letting them converse the best way they usually would, shifting from one subject to a different with ease, and utilizing the assistant to make selections without plenty of again-and-forth.

Whereas Alexa has greater than 90,000 voice purposes, which Amazon refers to as “expertise,” they’re usually used one after the other. But a videotaped demonstration confirmed how Alexa might quickly be capable of preparing an entire night out for you — one thing Google’s Assistant and Apple’s Siri cannot but do.

First, a woman’s voice requested Alexa for present occasions for the movie “Dark Phoenix” on Saturday evening. After some back and forth, the lady settled on a time and asked Alexa to buy two tickets to a 7:05 p.m. present at Regal Cinebarre Palace Station, a movie show in Las Vegas.

The lady requested a Chinese restaurant, and Alexa provided several ideas. The lady asked Alexa to make a reservation at one in every one of them. After that, Alexa requested if she wanted an Uber experience to the restaurant.

Right now, you’d have to speak to Alexa 40 occasions to finish this type of complicated interplay, Prasad stated. However the characteristic he demonstrated required solely 13 consumer turns and much less time, he said.

Alexa is already considerably proactive with options like Alexa Guard, which lets Amazon Echo units hear for suspicious sounds resembling breaking glass. And you’ll say issues like “Alexa, activate the lights and play Rihanna” to get the assistant to do two issues directly. Nevertheless, it’s instead a lot trickier to create the sorts of dinner-and-a-film (plus an Uber journey) eventualities that Amazon envisions.