Artificial intelligence is about to bring about new types of jobs and corporations should ensure employees learn the related skills wanted to carry out advanced tasks, according to a senior Salesforce executive.

Developments in technological areas equivalent to robotics and automation, in addition to AI, are altering the way forward for the workforce, stated Renzo Taal, head of Asia and senior vice president for the Asia Pacific at Salesforce.

“We have a look at these technologies as being enhancements, not per se, replacements,” he mentioned on Thursday.

Chatting with CNBC’s Matthew Taylor on the Innovfest Unbound convention in Singapore, Taal defined that “human creativity and summary considering” could be central parts of the brand new varieties of work that may emerge because of nearer human-machine collaborations.

In a study conducted by Salesforce – 73% of hiring managers stated that artistic considering abilities could be extra necessary in an AI-pushed office.

AI-associated corporations have their work minimize out for them: They have to train and develop their employees by figuring out necessary abilities gap and be sure that individuals perceive what their roles are going to be, following Taal. Each company and staff might want to get on “the training bandwagon” or they threat “getting left behind,” he added.

Whereas there are concerns around AI displacing present staff, a report by the World Economic Forum last year.

Marked that 133 million new jobs can be created instead of 75 million that shall be replaced from now until 2022.