While most pranks that arise from YouTube are offensive, a recent one targeted at homeless people in Los Angeles was significantly revolting and cruel. Based on Los Angeles Daily News, a gaggle of online pranksters connected with famous YouTuber Paul Denino better known by his online character with Ice Poseidon created a pretend homeless shelter on Google Maps that directed people looking for a spot to remain to a private mansion he was renting.

The people behind the prank named the San Fernando Valley dwelling “Ice Poseidon Homeless Shelter” and created a list on Google Maps to make it seem as if it was equipped to house and feed individuals in want. They added photos of beds and big dining space. To make the shelter seem legitimate, the folks behind the prank added dozens of opinions. Sadly, for the homeless who discovered the listing, they traveled to the would-be shelter solely to get turned away.

Denino, the YouTube personality associated with the prank, informed the Los Angeles Daily News that he tried to get the itemizing pulled from Google Maps. (It has since been removed.) Denino’s fans have a historical past of enjoying pranks, although they’re typically on the streamer’s own expense. People have ordered unwanted pizzas to his home and even swatted him, an extremely harmful apply of sending law enforcement to a person’s house on pretenses.