You wouldn’t assume that Apple and Spotify’s relationship would be thawing out anytime soon, provided that Spotify has lodged an antitrust complaint in opposition to its streaming rival in the EU. However, the two firms are reportedly discussing a plan to let iPhone users play Spotify songs, playlists and albums utilizing Siri voice commands.

When it unveiled iOS 13, Apple opened up the possibility of Siri working with rival music providers via new SiriKit updates. If Apple and Spotify can work one thing out, you’d be capable of playing Spotify tunes using Siri from an iPhone without the necessity to open the app. Nonetheless, Apple Music will continue to be the default music service for Siri on all Apple devices.

As a part of its antitrust criticism, Spotify put up a website listing the explanations it feels Apple is not behaving competitively. Its essential gripe is the 15 to 30% fee that Apple takes on Spotify’s subscription service from the App Store. By acting as a gatekeeper to providers like Spotify, whereas additionally providing its app, Apple is competing unfairly.

Spotify initially mentioned that “Apple will not permit us to be on HomePod, and they undoubtedly will not allow us to join with Siri to play your jams.” However, it changed the wording, which now reads: “Only recently, Apple announced that it’s going to allow Spotify to join with Siri to play your jams but fails to mention our identity, but your HomePod will default to Apple Music.”

Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa both work with Spotify; however, Siri doesn’t. Apple used this fact to push its own Apple Music service, which has integration with Siri, HomePod and Apple TV (As of recent counts, Apple Music has over 60 million paid subscribers, whereas Spotify has north of 100 million premium customers.) In any case, the information — which needs to be taken with a grain of salt — is not prone to derail Spotify’s anti-competition suit in the EU.