Reddit is testing out something that, if successful, might assist it in tackling platforms like Twitch and YouTube — live-streaming. The company today announced its first broadcasting tool, which it’s calling the “Reddit Public Access Network.” The software program will let eligible customers live-stream to a new subreddit called r/pan.

Users who wish to tune into broadcasts can achieve this directly from the subreddit, however top streams will appear on Reddit’s front page throughout the testing period, according to a blog post. Customers can even be able to vote on their favorite stream, just like Reddit’s upvote system, which can dictate what appears on the homepage.

Not everybody will be able to stream. The company is being incredibly cautious with the rollout of RPAN, it says, and even created additional policies particularly for people utilizing the new feature. There are clear guidelines — no pornography, or illegal or harmful behavior, for example — however, Reddit’s new policies additionally state that problematic behavior can be prohibited.

If the content material of the stream would usually set off a quarantine on the site (a period utilized by Reddit to imply restricted or hidden), it shouldn’t seem on stream. This consists of selling ideologies or habits that “average Redditors could discover extremely offensive or upsetting, or which promotes hoaxes.” That will recommend that hateful streams or streams spreading misinformation are not allowed.

Reddit seems to be making moderation leading precedence. Streaming will only be allowed between 9 AM and 5 PM PT in the course of the five-day test. This lets the company have devoted workers able to deal with moderation issues that spring up or questions from viewers. It’s unsurprising considering the current problems surrounding live-streaming. In just the last six months, mass shooters have used the tool in the past to stream their attacks, leaving companies like Facebook and YouTube scrambling to take down re-uploaded footage.

We’re 100 % dedicated to making sure that content material on RPAN stays safe and Secure for Work, the blog post reads. We will likely be observing RPAN broadcasts. The test run for Reddit’s Public Access Network will happen to begin at this time by August 23rd. More information on eligibility criteria and rules may be learning on the official blog post and associated pages.