Google Ditches The Desserts, Opts For Alphabets For Its Next Android 10 Version

Google is officially naming the next version of Android as Android 10, which is due to be launched this fall. Breaking the 10-year history of naming after desserts, the company is bailing on offering a codename starting with a subsequent letter of the alphabet (in this case, Q), which is the way Android is referred so far. This year is Android 10, the following year will likely be Android 11.

After a quarter of quiet, the Android’s model has shortly modified without quarrel, resolving a puzzle and quitting the quixotic quest to drag a Q dessert out of the quiver. Google ‘won’t quaver on the decision to move away from sweets, which answers a quadrillion querulous questions in regards to the names. Google has determined it’s a quaint custom that needed to be fairly quashed — or at the least quelled.

As a substitute, the codename will probably be quarantined inside Google, so they have doubts and feel queasy in regards to the number of quips that may queue up quoting the Android source code in an try and quibble that the dessert names still qualify as real. All of it looks as if a swamp; however, no less than qualitatively, the brand new naming scheme is much less quirky.

Aude Gandon, Global brand director for Android stated, alongside the brand new title is an updated brand for Android, and has a “more modern” wordmark. Importantly, it can all the time include the little green robot. The robot is what makes Android particular. It makes it human, enjoyable, and approachable, Gandon stated.

With a brand new naming scheme for the 10th model of Android, it makes a bit of sense; ‘it’s a landmark launch. Nonetheless, given how tough it is to place a typical dessert to the letter Q.