Google is stripping a number of fats from Chrome and has determined to take away several options from the context menu that appears whenever right-clicking on a tab.

The options to create a brand new tab, and shut each tab beside the current one, bookmarking all open tabs and reopen a closed tab are all destined for the chop after developers concluded they weren’t used typically enough to justify their existence.

The modifications can now be seen by downloading the newest version of Chrome Canary (a preview version of the browser meant for developers and anybody who needs to attempt new options first).

As per reports, some developers at Google have wished to strip back the tab context menu for many years, believing it to be unnecessarily cluttered.

Based on utilization data, only 8.92% of customers used the menu to reopen closed tab option, 6.63% used it to open a new tab, 2.2% used it to shut different tabs, and 0.64% used it to bookmark all tabs.

Chrome developer Peter Kasting defined that there are still methods to access advanced tab controls without trawling by menus: To flush your excess tabs, click on the primary tab you want to shut, shift-click the last tab to select the entire range, then hit Ctrl+W.

That is not exactly intuitive. However, it is already seen that Google is not too fussed about annoying just a few power users. It lately pressed ahead with its choice to chop the www off URLs in Chrome’s address bar, regardless of protests from customers and developers who did not like the concept of being given fewer details about websites.