The allegedly leaked paper, titled “Apple Software Development Resources,” was created for perusal by Apple staff, the company’s engineering staff, retailers and contractors. Twitter account “AppleBeta2019,” which has previously supplied correct information relating to beta versions of Apple’s different operating systems, reportedly obtained what’s referenced as a “September newsletter” by a contractor on Tuesday.

As reviewed the 10-page document in its entirety and whereas the information is compelling, certain particulars are inconsistent with previously confirmed leaks. As such, it is unable to vouch for the note’s authenticity and offer the next merely for purposes of discussion.

Based on the useful resource, Apple will announce three new iPhones this fall, “iPhone 11,” “iPhone 11 Pro” and the “iPhone 11 Pro Max,” branding that corresponds to beforehand reported internal identifiers “N104,” “D42” and “D43,” respectively. Apple’s alleged naming scheme would extra carefully align the company’s mid-tier LCD iPhone model with high-end OLED variants.

Each of the brand new handsets is mentioned to ship with iOS 13.1.0standard, a beta version of which was set for testing last week. Whether or not the first batch of gadgets will include iOS 13.1 pre-installed is unclear, because the document goes on to say the brand new phones will obtain a security patch designated iOS 13.0.1 as the first over-the-air update someday in October.

Wording within the publication hints at a Sept. 27 launch date for Apple’s new iPhone 11 series, with customers supposedly capable of gaining access to iOS 13 on Sept. 23. A subsequent security patch is slated for launch within the days following, whereas iOS 13.1 will likely be accessible for public consumption in October.

For Apple Watch, four new models are to be unveiled at a particular media event on Sept. 10, with a launch coinciding with iPhone. Particularly, model numbers A2156, A2157, A2092 and A2093 will ship with watchOS 6. An anticipated watchOS 6.1 is due in October.