For the previous year, Google Assistant has had a variety of voices to personalize your experience, and whereas most Google Assistant associated apps have revered this setting, there have been a couple of holdouts. One of those, Google Maps, is now testing utilizing your chosen Google Assistant voice when navigating, together with within Android Auto.

Slowly however absolutely, the Google Assistant has been getting into more parts of our lives, even aiming to switch different Google software program like Android Auto’s phone-based interface (although not as soon as we once thought). Some of the usual methods to make use of the Google Assistant within the automobile is through Google Maps, which has all the time used its voice settings.

As noticed that Google Maps now respects your Google Assistant voice setting when navigating. As a substitute for the default feminine Google Assistant, the voice was chosen (Green) helped navigate the destination. This even utilized Google Maps navigation in Android Auto.

Instantly examined to see if this can work with the Google Assistant’s John Legend cameo additionally, however, this sadly wasn’t meant to be. In our testing, it was discovered that you must force stop Google Maps and open it once more to use any changes to your Assistant settings.

Not sure what all components are required for Maps to start to respect your Assistant voice setting, because it may very well be tied to yesterday’s Android 10 update or an update to Maps, or if this only a server-side change. The change doesn’t appear to have rolled extensively but, as no one else in the team had it on their devices.