Apple’s It’s that time of year once more. The second week of September could be named “iPhone week” because it has to turn out to be the time where technology giant Apple unveils its latest smartphones. Today, the company is holding a significant event where we are prone to see quite a few new announcements. Whereas as discussed a few important questions to ask last month, there have been some developments since which are worth diving into.

The spotlight of the event will be the brand new set of iPhones, maybe to be the “11” line. Whereas won’t cover each expectation we have seen already, and we’re going to see updates to last year’s three variations. Aside from the same old upgrade to the chipset and maybe some new colors, the big thing anticipated is the main camera changes. The XR successor is reportedly getting a dual-camera rear setup, whereas the two up to date variations of the XS are speculated to get a three-camera rear setup.

The most significant query for many has concerned pricing, given last year’s raise for the entry-level pushed away some consumers. Given the brand new camera setups, plus the XR successor may be getting a lift to 4 GB of RAM,  do not believe all these rumors of it being a “budget device.” Nonetheless, see the entry-level model are available at $749. As a reminder, here’s what the lineup appeared like last year after older models acquired their standard reductions with the launch of the brand new models.

Although there have been some hopes last week of a possible US / China meeting in October, the trade warfare continues to be progressing. New tariffs went into effect on September 1st, which are likely to impact the Apple Watch and AirPods. Tariffs may affect the iPhone within the US if no deal is reached by December. However, that should not have an excessive amount of an influence this week. You may even be interested to see product pricing for China, given the dollar’s rally in opposition to the Yuan over the past month.

For technology giant Apple, the beginning of the vacation season rush comes this week as the company will get set to launch its newest series of iPhones. The main draw this year might be the main upgrades to the camera setups, which hopefully will not imply one other price increase.