For nearly 25 years, Sony has made PlayStation controllers with an X as the principle button. However, based on a tweet from the Playstation UK account, that button shouldn’t, in reality, be referred to as the X button. It’s alleged to be known as the “cross” button.

This is bothering. The button has an X printed on it. It feels like that should end the talk right there.

And the X — cross — button have already got one thing of a troubled history, so it won’t be simple to call the enemy by a different name. Approximately 50% of Remaining Fantasy VII playthroughs consist of cursing the cross button, as a result of, it backing out of menus as an alternative of permitting to pick one thing. (The button should press for that is the circle, which, fortunately, Sony isn’t telling to call it the “ring” or something.)

Apparently, we are not the only one who thinks “cross” is incorrect. In a Twitter poll run by the primary PlayStation Twitter account, 81 % of respondents mentioned it must be referred to as the “X” button. “Cross” received third place within the poll behind “+ rotated 45 degrees.

The primary PlayStation account has not weighed in with an official opinion, solely posting the poll. For a reason that ruling came from PlayStation UK, saying “cross” may be a UK factor, like calling chips “crisps.”

Provided that you don’t reside within the UK and that the “cross” acquired a decrease variety of votes within the Twitter poll than a joke answer, it is better to continue cursing the button utilizing its proper title: the X button.