The Internet of Things (IoT) needs to move up a gear. For the time being, it remains a fragmented universe, overly technical, with solutions that have been maturing slowly over the past few years and that too often rely on solutions developed for each application by specialized engineers. The Sido trade show, which will be held in Lyon on September 14 and 15, 2022, will be the ideal time to measure whether progress has been made in this sector, which is essential for optimizing industrial processes.

An update on connection networks, platforms, augmented reality and robotics

The industrial Internet includes wireless communication networks, platform software and control processors, as well as more advanced augmented reality tools to support field technicians and human-assisted robots. Among the innovations highlighted by the Sido show, we find Robeau, an intelligent connected solution for managing water consumption and detecting leaks in real time.
This turnkey solution includes sensors to measure data, connectivity via the LoRa wireless network for secure collection and an interoperable data management platform. This platform retrieves all data from the sensors installed at the customer’s premises, and provides comprehensive analysis via tracking tools and customizable SMS and email alerts in case of leaks or overconsumption. Robeau announces that it allows its users to understand how and where water is consumed in their building and to detect anomalies in order to achieve between 30% and 50% water savings (Robeau, booth E109)