One of many other thrilling issues about iOS 12.3, ostensibly, is that it means that you can get offline entry to films and exhibits that had no authorized offline entry earlier than this. Solely you’ll should pay Apple for that privilege.

The iOS update went live yesterday and an essential function for anybody who travels, or often takes the subway (and thus loses web entry between stops), is the ability to load up on movies and TV shows that previously had no offline access.

It works by way of Apple’s named TV app (severely, having Apple TV the hardware and Apple TV the software program is dangerous type and makes troubleshooting both through Google search an absolute nightmare) as a part of the brand new function known as Channels. The concept, following Apple, is that Channels is the platonic ideally suited approach for viewing content material from suppliers like HBO, Showtime and Starz. Sometimes you subscribe to these channels both through your cable supplier, a streaming supplier like PS Vue, or immediately. You then watch the content material through its particular app, which depends on the content material supplier to keep up that app and the server.

That’s nice till the server will get slammed—say by thousands of individuals watching the final season of Game of Thrones. Then the content gets pixellated and gross, and we all complain.

With Channels, the content material is streamed straight from Apple’s servers as an alternative. Theoretically, meaning a cleaner and extra secure supply (we haven’t had an opportunity to check that declare but). The bonus is that subscribing by Channels additionally indicates you get offline access to content, even when the supplier doesn’t present offline content material in its app (like HBO).

Nonetheless, as a result of nothing within the streaming world is ever easy you may’ t have any subscription to a service like HBO or Showtime. As former Gizmodo reporter Christina Warren noted on Twitter, to be able to take full benefit of Apple TV’s new function, it’s a must to subscribe to the companies by Apple.