Instagram announced two new tools meant to fight to bully. The primary will use AI to warn customers if a remark they’re about to submit could also be considered offensive. In principle, it would give customers a chance to rethink their comments. The second will enable customers to “restrict” problematic followers. Comments by restricted followers will not seem public (until you approve them), and customers in your restricted listing will not have the ability to see while you’re active or when you’ve learned their direct messages.

The tools are a part of Instagram’s ongoing efforts to fight to bully, which have acquired more consideration since Adam Mosseri took over as Head of Instagram late last year. “We’re dedicated to leading the industry within the battle towards on-line bullying, and we’re rethinking the entire experience of Instagram to fulfill that commitment,” Mosseri wrote in a blog post right now.

Instagram has experimented with filtering out negative comments before now, and it is used machine studying to combat bullying in photos. It is also tested with adjustments like hiding “like” counts from individuals your posts. Whereas taking a stand towards bullying is noble. It is also suitable for the enterprise. As Mosseri told Time, bullying “may damage our reputation and our brand over time.” Mosseri acknowledges that he’ll stroll an active line and never alienate customers or “overstep,” however he instructed Time that Instagram is prepared to “make choices that imply individuals use Instagram much less if it keeps people safer.”