Amazon’s exploits in fashion haven’t usually set the world burning, but it might have a more appealing option: have someone else pick your clothing choices. It just launched a Personal Shopper by Prime Wardrobe service that, for $5 monthly on top of Prime, has a stylist select clothes based on your tastes. You start with a survey that helps set your preferences and measurements, after which keep in touch with the stylist via the Amazon app to fine-tune the selection. You get as many as eight of these hand-picked objects in a monthly field (you can preview the contents) and pay just for what you keep past the one-week try-on period.

The service is currently limited to women in a variety of sizes, including shoes from dimension 5 to 12. Men’s styles are coming within the close to future. You won’t necessarily see all of your favorite brands, but that is not likely the point — that is more about providing a helping hand to people who do not have the time to buy, would not know the place to begin or need to attempt something outside of their usual brands.

It might stand a chance of success. Amazon has carried attire for ages, but it’s far from a household identify compared to style- and brand-particular stores. This would take advantage of its extensive catalog and data to offer you personalized expertise that lots of these shops cannot provide — it is not the same as having your style advisor, but it might be close enough.

And yes, this pits Amazon towards different companies who’ve had related notions. Personal Shopper is likely to conflict directly with Stitch Fix, which offers similar functionality.