A few months ago Intel unveiled a series of brand new 10th-gen processors which can deliver powerful graphics performance to super slim laptops. The chipmaker isn’t finished updating its product line, and we now have a few extra additions to its 10th-gen chip line.

This time, the main focus isn’t so much on graphics performance. However, it is on CPU energy and RAM improvements. The brand new Comet Lake series of chips will be a part of Ice Lake below Intel’s broad 10th-gen Core chips mantle.

The Comet Lake models are available in two variations: Comet Lake-U and Comet Lake-Y. The U models are the extra powerful ones, shipping in configurations of up to six cores, which is a huge upgrade for processors that need to function at 15W TDP. The Y series is additionally getting a bump in clock speed, with models that include as much as four cores and a TDP of 7W. Unlike Ice Lake, that are constructed on Intel’s 10nm process, the Comet Lake processors are all 14nm chips. However, Intel says they’ll deliver 16% performance gains and 41% higher productiveness and multitasking on Office 365, without harming the battery life.

Efficiency increases and power efficiency aren’t the only highlights of the Comet Lake series. Intel has backed in several welcome surprises for these processors that can power the majority of reasonably priced ultra-thin laptops in the coming months. Support for faster LPPDR4x RAM means distributors will be capable of equipping Comet Lake-U notebooks with more than 16GB of RAM. Comet Lake-Y chips, nonetheless, will be restricted to LPDDR3 memory. Still, Intel fixed probably the most annoying issues about super-slim laptops, permitting OEMs to offer consumers the RAM upgrades they have been asking for without cutting on the battery life.

Also impressive is the constructed-in Wi-Fi six support, which means the wi-fi expertise is going to get a huge upgrade, but only so long as your house or office connection can deliver those internet speeds.

Assist for Thunderbolt 3, Intel UHD Graphics, and Intel Optane memory can be included. Plus, the processors support Intel Adaptix Technology, as it promises faster wake times and support for many voice assistants.