All of us hate being placed on hold when calling a business – particularly the part where you are pressured to take heed to excruciating hold music that seems to drone on endlessly.

However, what in case your cellphone’s virtual assistant might go on hold for you, liberating you up to do other things? Following a brand new report, the upcoming Pixel 4 may very well be getting that very function.

Citing a “reliable supply acquainted with the company’s plans,” the report states that the Pixel 4’s Google Assistant will be capable of taking over for you if you’ve been positioned on hold during a call.

In keeping with the source, a person will have the ability to tap a button on the Pixel 4’s display, letting Google Assistant know the call has been placed on hold, thus permitting the person to turn their attention to a different business.

The cellphone will reportedly notify its owner when a human has returned on the other end of the decision.

In keeping with a tweet from Stephen Hall (who additionally wrote the report this story is based on), the function may be referred to as ‘Hold My Phone.’

The power for Google Assistant to differentiate being hold music and a human seems pretty reasonable to us, though we have now to wonder if it is going to be able to tell the difference between an actual person and the standard “your call is very important to us” sort of recording.

After all, we’ll have to wait and see if the function is, in fact, actual to find out how it works. Nevertheless, as Google points out, current Pixel handsets do have the flexibility to screen calls before you have answered utilizing Google Assistant’s AI, so possibly the technology will probably be an extension of that.